ICEFALL Open Assessment

Once you get to the end of a time-box you cannot spend any more time on the task.


The ICEFALL Guidelines will work for any team in any context.


ICEFALL has a role called a ‘Project Manager’.


Which session is best for designing new experiments?


Other than Lead and Cycle Time, what are two other things worth measuring that are difficult to fake?


What are the three primary queues called?


Which days of the week are best to avoid for scheduling productive sessions?


According to the ICEFALL Guidelines, what should your top priority always be?


A Situation Board is also a good place to visualise which of these items?


What can a manager expect from a team implementing the ICEFALL guidelines?

A company has decided to implement ICEFALL, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. What will likely happen if this is done?

Who is responsible for building and maintaining solid relationships with stakeholders?


The Specialists on a team are responsible for which of the following?


Which of these are roles in an ICEFALL team?


What does the I in ICEFALL stand for?


Which zone has just enough anxiety and stimulus to promote a flow state and drive productivity?


The ICEFALL guidelines are immutable and must be followed exactly to ensure success.


What are some of the values that ICEFALL builds upon?


What can a stakeholder expect from a team implementing the ICEFALL guidelines?


Which best describes the purpose of a Listening session?


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